Adam Wright (Marketing and Innovation)
Managing Partner, Sustainable Synergy™, Inc.,
One Tribe Wellness™, LLC,
Founder of Seed2Source
 Adam Wright received his Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts from Stetson University in Deland, Florida, with a background in marketing.  Wright furthered his project management and design skills through a Project Management Program at Stetson University and later Freehand Drawing at the University of Washington Fall Architecture Program.

Wright’s background started as a young accomplished surfer and action sports enthusiast with a knack for design and construction. His surfing and design skills caught the attention of Greg Arnette, an industry leader in Action Sportswear design and marketing, who is the founder of Arnette Eyewear and former co-founder of Oakley’s eyewear and marketing divisions. Wright became an apprentice to Arnette at age 16, and quickly became trained in handcrafted prototypes for eyewear and action sports accessories, as well as developing innovative marketing. Wright quickly became utilized in Arnette’s design and development business that consulted for many global brands in the action sports and aviation industries.His apprenticeship with Mr. Arnette also included working in Arnette’s commercial aviation services, utilizing both Arnette’s amphibious Turbine Cessna Caravan and unique Turbine MD-600 Notar Helicopter.

He also produced commercials for corporate boat companies hanging off the helicopter skid for action video. Wright also assisted Arnette piloting numerous government officials, corporate leaders, and celebrities for various destinations and events.

From these experiences, Mr. Wright produced marketing videos, marketing materials, logos, as well as sports and aviation prototypes for Arnette’s clients.

Stetson’s Digital Arts Program is recognized for fostering collaborations and hybrid forms of visual art, music composition and programming of which stretch the boundaries of artistic practice. Applying the technologies of the Digital Arts Program to the health and food sciences such as sensors, programing, and integration of the user’s experience has allowed Adam to re-develop and market unique growing systems.

Due to his new enthusiasm in this field, Wright continued to seek project opportunities to expand into the market of health, wellness and sustainability — a growing concern of the ocean environmentalist movement often led by the surfing and action sports community.

After graduation, Wright began working in the high-end eyewear industry in Italy, where he apprenticed and worked in Italy’s leading eyewear factories for over 4 years. Within these factories, he assisted in the development of top action sports and boutique eyewear brands, as well as house brands. He learned firsthand the process of developing raw materials into world-class eyewear. During this time Wright was tasked with Quality Control checks at these factories upholding brand values for its customers. He became known for having ‘Eagle Eyes’. Wright was further trained in marketing eyewear by attending trade shows in Milan, Paris, and in New York City, where he consulted on display and booth designs.

While living in Italy, Wright stayed in several prominent Slow-Food Agriturismos in the Dolomites of Prosecco Country. Agriturismo are apartment/hotels with a farm-to-table business structure. This type of ‘agri-tourism’ model helps farmers supplement their business throughout the year, while allowing guests to partake in the farming experience. Wright became immersed in a true family-style, farm-to-table lifestyle that was founded by the Italian, local food movement called, “Slow Food”. Slow Food has spread across the globe and is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the US.

Adam is currently working in the Central Florida community and area YMCAs developing indoor edible community gardens, as well as designing new growing systems and methodologies with Seed2Source’s Master Farmers and Food and Wellness Educators.

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