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Marketing, Graphic Design & Communications Internship
Sustainable Synergy, Inc. 2016 Marketing Intern (PDF)

Sustainable SynergyTM, Inc. is a Central Florida-based company, Sustainable Synergy, Inc. a consulting and project management firm specializing in sustainable agricultural business models for communities, companies and consumers. Our group of agricultural consultants has expertise in the Business Planning, Operations, Design, Development, Build and Management of Vertically-integrated agricultural projects and

programs. Further, we specialize in the distribution of hyper-local, beyond organic produce. Our public-private education-based programs for business and consumers is coined, ‘Seed2Source’.

Objective and Approach: Provide a project plan and implementation for a multifaceted approach for the utilization of a city’s natural resources, while maintaining the highest integrity in preservation, form, function and productivity.

Our approach is to provide and position cities to: (1) Utilize a permaculture system of farming; (2) Utilize controlled environment agriculture; (3) Provide the best utilization of the dedicated land; (4) Educational and curriculum opportunities; (5) Community involvement and recreation; (6) Products and Services for a retail and distribution network; (7) Highly marketable presence on a local, regional and national level.

Specialties: Strategic Business Planning, Fund Raising (Debt, Equity and Grants), Sales, Marketing, New Business Development, Event Planning and Corporate Development.
This is an unpaid on and off site position with lots of opportunity to gain a wealth of experience and possibly lead to full time position. Additional benefits a Local, Organic Food Box offering on a weekly basis and invitations to Farm2Table Events.

I. Organizational Relationship and Reporting: The Marketing Intern reports to the Managing Members

II. Responsibilities:

  • Through specific assignments, to assist in conducting a year-round marketingand communications program while utilizing social media strategies at the


  • To support the organizational goals and objectives
  • To perform assigned tasks and communicate status of current projects

III. Duties:
The Marketing Intern will perform, but not be limited to the following duties:

  • Provide local food, farming and gardening research within the sustainability and wellness market for competitive analysis, new product development and additional market insight
  • Assist with details related to any special events
  • Assist in the preparation of media releases
  • Participate in and support aspects of media relations
  • Research and update media contact list
  • Assist with creation of new and updated website content
  • Design and maintain active social media strategies
  • Assist in the creative support and design layout of online advertising campaignsprinted pieces
  • Support the ongoing activities of the communications division in copy writing, andthe development and organization of projects when needed
  • Assist with the development of weekly communications
  • Design or proof all email marketing campaigns
  • Design collateral for print advertising and write script for tv and radio advertisingIV. Qualifications:
    The minimum qualifications for the position of Marketing Intern are as follows:
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and Outlook (required).
  • Ability to work well with team members among all levels within the workplace andcommunity.
  • Experience with Web development Ex. WordPress, Plugins, Social MediaIntegration.
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Cad and 3D Modeling a plus ++++
  • Experience with Video Production/editing
  • Cross-platform social media integrationFor more information about this opportunity, please contact:
    Rebecca Reis-Miller, Independent Consultant, or #407-733-7657