Jennifer Waxman-Loyd, MBA
(New Business and Innovation)
Founder; Managing PartnerSustainable Synergy™, Inc.,
One Tribe Wellness™, LLC,
Founder of Seed2Source
Former Consultant to:

• Sales & Marketing Director / Analyst for North and Latin America, The AIM Group
• Blackwood Holdings Group, LLC

Jennifer Waxman-Loyd coined the phrase, ‘Conscious Consultants, We Live It!’, to express that she doesn’t just talk-the-talk, but walks-the-walk – a reflection of growing up with strong, matriarchal, family values that began with her grandmother. There are still fond memories of her grandmother refusing to own a microwave, eating nothing out of a can and having her dairy delivered straight to her doorstep from a local farm. Other memories include being embarrassed as a kid when her mother hung all their clothes – even the sensitive ones – on a clothes line for all to see; served healthy snacks that none of her friends wanted; and was committed to turning off every light when she left a room. But, she came to realize how fortunate her upbringing was, which was certainly not ‘typical’ in her generation at this time as she was born in 1976.

Her extra-ordinary upbringing included a major influence from her mom whom would make many of her clothes and accessories, bring her to U-Pick farms for produce, encourage her to tend to the backyard garden and challenge her to create meals from the mason jar bounty of canned produce her mother created so that the family had convenient, local, hand-picked, whole foods.

Jennifer Waxman-Loyd is responsible for Strategy, Marketing & New Business Development and has been a strategic business planner for over 15 years and is the Founder of Sustainable Synergy, Inc. / Seed-2-Source. She entered the Eco-Sustainable industry in 2000 as a marketing specialist for an innovative project focusing on a sustainable, commercial, hydroponic watering system. This led her to become a Global Marketing Manager for Antelco Corporation, an international manufacturer specializing in water conservation technology for agriculture and horticulture. During this time, Jennifer was responsible for new product development for the hydroponics division as well as assisting growers in both the field and the greenhouse to create new and advanced products and systems. This experience has been leveraged by her understanding of the entire process for developing natural products from the growing of the botanical plant ingredients, to the sustainable processing and manufacturing of these finished products.

Jennifer has consistently led large, strategic consulting projects focused on sustainable agricultural and food-centric business models – from the ‘Seed to the Source’. She has been at the forefront of the Local Food Movement and is currently the Project Lead for the Central FL YMCA’s Edible Garden Program (27 YMCA locations). She continues to participate in new product development for sustainable agriculture equipment, systems and supplies with Antelco Corporation as well as direct distribution of these products to the Central FL community marketplace.

As the grassroots producer of the “2008 Green Earth Expo”, she introduced the concept of ‘sustainability’ to Central FL. This Expo was the first of its kind in the Southeast and was held at the Orange County Convention Center, of which attracted 150+ Sustainability Leaders / Speakers, 350+ Exhibitors and 50k+ attendees.

Jennifer holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. She graduated with honors and earned both a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Merchandising from Florida State University. Mrs. Loyd was able to leverage her experience at Crummer to land a paid, 1-year, Marketing Internship position with Disney World®, Orlando, FL that focused on branded Merchandising. She was involved in two business-oriented, study abroad programs in France, the United Kingdom and Germany that focused on the International Business Development.

Jennifer has been published in several magazines including the nationally distributed Extraordinary Health Magazine and has appeared as a guest speaker on local television, radio, podcasts and events relating to green living and/or sustainable business. She sits on several boards including Slow Food Orlando, an international movement dedicated to food sustainability. Further, she served as a Marketing Professor for two years at the Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Business. In 2010 she was nominated for the 2010 Women Who Means Business Award by her clients, network and the Orlando Business Journal.

(*Many online publications and media references can be found under the maiden name, Jennifer Waxman.)

LinkedinJennifer Waxman

Adam Wright (Marketing and Innovation)
Co-Founder – Managing Partner, Sustainable Synergy™, Inc.,
One Tribe Wellness™, LLC,
Founder of Seed2Source
 Adam Wright received his Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts from Stetson University in Deland, Florida, with a background in marketing.  Wright furthered his project management and design skills through a Project Management Program at Stetson University and later Freehand Drawing at the University of Washington Fall Architecture Program.

Wright’s background started as a young accomplished surfer and action sports enthusiast with a knack for design and construction. His surfing and design skills caught the attention of Greg Arnette, an industry leader in Action Sportswear design and marketing, who is the founder of Arnette Eyewear and former co-founder of Oakley’s eyewear and marketing divisions. Wright became an apprentice to Arnette at age 16, and quickly became trained in handcrafted prototypes for eyewear and action sports accessories, as well as developing innovative marketing. Wright quickly became utilized in Arnette’s design and development business that consulted for many global brands in the action sports and aviation industries.His apprenticeship with Mr. Arnette also included working in Arnette’s commercial aviation services, utilizing both Arnette’s amphibious Turbine Cessna Caravan and unique Turbine MD-600 Notar Helicopter.

He also produced commercials for corporate boat companies hanging off the helicopter skid for action video. Wright also assisted Arnette piloting numerous government officials, corporate leaders, and celebrities for various destinations and events.

From these experiences, Mr. Wright produced marketing videos, marketing materials, logos, as well as sports and aviation prototypes for Arnette’s clients.

Stetson’s Digital Arts Program is recognized for fostering collaborations and hybrid forms of visual art, music composition and programming of which stretch the boundaries of artistic practice. Applying the technologies of the Digital Arts Program to the health and food sciences such as sensors, programing, and integration of the user’s experience has allowed Adam to re-develop and market unique growing systems.

Due to his new enthusiasm in this field, Wright continued to seek project opportunities to expand into the market of health, wellness and sustainability — a growing concern of the ocean environmentalist movement often led by the surfing and action sports community.

After graduation, Wright began working in the high-end eyewear industry in Italy, where he apprenticed and worked in Italy’s leading eyewear factories for over 4 years. Within these factories, he assisted in the development of top action sports and boutique eyewear brands, as well as house brands. He learned firsthand the process of developing raw materials into world-class eyewear. During this time Wright was tasked with Quality Control checks at these factories upholding brand values for its customers. He became known for having ‘Eagle Eyes’. Wright was further trained in marketing eyewear by attending trade shows in Milan, Paris, and in New York City, where he consulted on display and booth designs.

While living in Italy, Wright stayed in several prominent Slow-Food Agriturismos in the Dolomites of Prosecco Country. Agriturismo are apartment/hotels with a farm-to-table business structure. This type of ‘agri-tourism’ model helps farmers supplement their business throughout the year, while allowing guests to partake in the farming experience. Wright became immersed in a true family-style, farm-to-table lifestyle that was founded by the Italian, local food movement called, “Slow Food”. Slow Food has spread across the globe and is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the US.

Adam is currently working in the Central Florida community and area YMCAs developing indoor edible community gardens, as well as designing new growing systems and methodologies with Seed2Source’s Master Farmers and Food and Wellness Educators.

Linkedin : Adam Wright

IMG_7112Steve Brown
(Master Grower, Educator and Consultant)
Managing Member of Sustainable Synergy, Inc.
Mr. Brown is a Florida Farm Consultant and Controlled Environment Agriculture Specialist (including Hydroponics and Aeroponics). He is a multi-generational farmer with his family owning and operating farms since the 1800s.
He is the third generation and has been in the Horticulture and Agriculture sectors (termed, ‘Hort & Ag’) since 1984. For the last five years, his focus has been on Certified Organic Food Production as well as Medicinal Plants. His past expertise includes Woody Ornamental.

His active involvement with Florida’s top universities has positioned him to be involved in many new and ongoing research projects involving solutions for efficient agricultural production methods as well as developing viable farm business models. He is an active researcher for the Hydroponics industry and continues to develop new growing methodologies.

He is recognized as an authority for Root Manipulation and production innovation in the horticultural industry. As a national speaker for Hort & Ag, he continues educating through his research networks that includes the Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA), County Extension Agencies and Universities.

He is actively involved in showcasing production technologies for demonstration on behalf of the FL Extension Agencies to educate the FL food industry.
Mr. Brown’s accreditations include, but are not limited to being a:

(1) Certified Irrigation Auditor;
(2) ‘Best Management Practices’ Instructor for the Green Industry (through the DEP / Department of Environmental Protection);
(3) Certified Professional in Landscape & Irrigation with the St. Johns Water Management;
(4) FL Landscape Inspector; and (5) Landscape Maintenance Association Instructor.
(5) 2016 Outstanding Agriculturalists and Friend of Extension Award from the University of Florida IFAS Extension Service
Owner: A & S Horticulture – Maitland, Florida or 


39d1539Nikole Beth (Design Direction, Planning and Implementation
Managing Partner, Sustainable Synergy™, Inc., brings over fifteen years of professional design experience in Conceptual Design, Planning, Commercial Interiors, and Landscape Design with a focus on environmental, sustainable design.

Her clients have included Private developers, Wells Fargo, Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast, Louisville International Airport, Lighthouse Creative, Inc., and Orlando International Airport’s Retail Concept (now implemented). Most recently, she completed the design of a 7-acre botanical permaculture garden and event space (currently in construction) and a Sustainable Resort Model in Central America (completed) .

Her company is currently implementing their Custom Greenhouse Components that integrate into these gardens. Her skill sets provides clients unique and customs models from idea to fruition. Nikole is the founder and Lead Designer of Eco Huset, a collaborative group of professional designers, vision planners, architects, engineers, landscape architects, industrial designers, craftsman, furniture designers and material researchers based out of Orlando.

Eco Huset’s mantra is ‘Environmental Modernism’ and their consulting philosophy is focused on Passive designs, which take into account the terrain, the ecosystems currently or not currently in place. The solution results in a breathable construction system, a low energy baseline by design and a commitment by the client to incorporate certain changes in their typical lifestyle and a commitment to this process.

JG-Profile-150x150Jaime Giroux (Operations)
Founder; Managing Partner,
Sustainable Synergy™, Inc.,
One Tribe Wellness™, LLC

Jaime Giroux has lived a lifestyle of health and wellness alongside Jennifer Loyd, her best friend since age 11. Together, they tried many diets, cleanses and natural beauty products, thus educating themselves along the way and learning to distinguish ‘fad’ from ‘healing’.She has been a self-starter and entrepreneur since graduating high school. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to begin her business in the salon industry when she was only 17.

Being involved in the beauty industry spawned a natural progression into the health and wellness sector – drawing on the connection of beauty from the inside out’. Realizing that “we are what we eat”, Ms. Giroux developed an insatiable thirst for nutritional knowledge, studying and reading everything she could find on the subject, always searching for ways to improve our diet and improve our health, hence enhancing one’s natural beauty.

Through this quest, she eventually abandoned the theories for superficial beauty upon realizing that ‘true’ beauty is depicted as a healthy individual, free of physical, emotional and spiritual toxins in one’s life. This passion led her to not only become a nutritional advocate, but also a Certified Nutritional Consultant.Today, her strong knowledge of nutrition’s role in the body is an integral part of the OTW mission and standards.In addition to her health & wellness background, Ms. Giroux’s multi-disciplined qualities have brought her advanced Market Research, Operations and Financial Analysis to the Sustainable Synergy team.

She is the team’s client support and works individually with each formulator and/or developer to ensure that product development flourishes, while sales and marketing continue to operate efficiently. She supports Executive Management with corporate growth initiatives including, but not limited to: strategic planning and partnerships; marketing and product development; and trend analysis while integrating sustainability and green practices into corporate business models, products/service offerings, and media communications.

Of note, in 2008, Ms. Giroux was an integral part of the Sustainable Synergy team that produced and promoted the largest green living and sustainable business expo in the Southeast, the Green Earth Expo, which was held at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, FL.An artist since she could hold a paintbrush, Ms. Giroux also lends creative branding support to both Sustainable Synergy and its clients and affiliates.

She is also called upon as the in-house IT expert, which she also extends to others in need. At present, she is devoted to the expansion of the EssenceSea product line developed by one of the team’s beloved clients, Dr. Ron Cusson.

Linkedin : Jamie Giroux

39d7b69Rebecca Reis-Miller
(Operations and Logistics)
Consultant to Sustainable Synergy

Rebecca Reis-Miller is a local food consultant to Sustainable Synergy and has over a decade of experience in the food industry. Her roles within the industry are diverse including food advocacy and education demonstrated through her leadership at (1) Slow Food Orlando and other food sustainability organizations; (2) Local food distribution and agricultural consultation through her previous company, Growing Synergy; and as a (3) Restaurateur through her former company, Lake Nona Deli & Market, of which she owned with her husband for nearly five years.
Mrs. Miller has an extensive background in public relations and community building. She has consulted and served in several Executive Management positions with health and wellness companies as a former Managing Partner for Sustainable Synergy. Her specialized services included: Business Planning, Proposal Writing, Research and Development, Marketing, Public Relations, and Brand Development.
Mrs. Miller believes in the importance of preserving food culture and traditions, defending biological diversity of food, and the overall impact that food ultimately has on the health of the planet. She was the co-founder and Leader of the Orlando Chapter of Slow Food USA, and had the privilege of attending the international food sustainability conference, Terra Madre, in Turin, Italy. She has served as an (1) Advisor for Osceola County Grown, a grassroots local food movement in Osceola County Florida; an (2) Assistant for the Florida Food Policy Council; and as a (3) Stakeholder within the planning committee for the Florida Small Farms Conference. Mrs. Miller graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Public Administration. She has also appeared as a guest speaker on local television, radio and community events relating to green living and/or sustainable business models. Further, she has been published in numerous publications on topics including the local food scene as well as sustainable business practices. She resides in Las Vegas with her husband Charles and two sons.

Linkedin : Rebecca Reis-Miller

332167cTerry Brown
(Fiscal Consultant to Sustainable Synergy)

Terry Brown (No relation to Steve) brings 15 years of experience in developing and reviving innovative businesses. He has held several high-profile positions on major initiatives with a remarkably successful track record.

Past endeavors include:
Project Manager for FDOT’s Florida 511 marketing; Controller of major local fenestration manufacturer WinDoor, Inc.; and General Manager of Viasys Network Solutions, designers and installers of mobile video security systems for LYNX Transit through the iFlorida Intelligent Transportation Systems initiative.

   His history as a corporate Controller provides the accounting and financial experience required for major undertakings. He understands the relationship of revenues, costs and cash flows, and has developed analytical processes to support the decision-making.

Successes include growing Florida 511 usage 23%, winning Silver Anvil (2013) and Best of ITS (2014) awards, launching analysis and reporting programs for several organizations, and 10 years expanding existing projects through data-driven analysis. Currently, Mr. Brown is a founder of Above Traffic, Inc., a local start-up with plans to provide video and data information for traffic applications.

Mr. Brown graduated with honors from Loyal University with degrees in both Economics and Finance (1997), and earned his MBA with a financial concentration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College (2001).

William (Bill) Huggins,
NMD, HMD, and DSc: Wellness Expert,
Formulator, Scientific Advisor & Manufacturer

Research Scientist, Naturopathic Physician, Founder and President of Fletcher Nutritional Research (FNR) and co-owner of Adjunct Therapeutics Manufacturing (ATM).

Dr. Bill Huggins has over 35 years of experience in research and development of pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals, herbal, homeopathic and nutraceutical formulations. To date, he has developed 100’s of formulas for the alternative health-care industry.

At present, Dr. Huggins has identified many therapeutic species of plants from rain forest of South and Central America of which he has access to bring to market as unique product offerings.

Dr. Huggins developed a patented cultivar of an herb used in the treatment of blood sugar issues. This hybrid product has demonstrated blood glucose regulating and insulin regulating properties.

Currently Dr. Huggins is in the process of developing unique hydroponic systems for growing medicinal herbs. These growing process are designed to produce consistently superior high-yield of phytochemicals and nutrients when compared to conventional growing techniques.

Dr. Huggins established therapeutic protocols for the treatment of chronic and acute diseases for Hahnemann Memorial Institute of Health Sciences. While interning there, he established treatment regimens and formulations for treating cancer, immune deficiencies and other chronic conditions.

Dr. Huggins, while acting as director and manager of the research department for two Texas nutraceutical companies, developed proprietary oral spray (transmucosal) nutraceutical formulas, as well as OTC (Over the Counter) pharmaceutical formulas. These products have been used to treat such conditions as hyperhomocysteinemia, diabetes, hypertension, headaches, flu and the common cold. His responsibilities also included quality control, quality assurance and standard operating procedures in all areas of manufacturing.

Dr. Huggins was president and CEO of Access Medical, a medical equipment and supply company in Bradenton, Florida. There he developed two medication delivery systems for dispensing prescription drugs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. He also created and managed a home I.V. (intravenous) therapy business for three compounding pharmacies in central and west Florida. Dr. Huggins co-invented a topical bathing product for patients suffering from decubitus ulcers. This product is being used today in hospitals and nursing homes nationwide. Dr. Huggins is also an experienced nutritional counselor and lecturer.

Dr. Huggins was employed for 14 years as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. His duties included CME programs for physicians, pharmaceutical marketing and sales, medical sales training and Phase VI Post Marketing Surveillance Trials.

Dr. Huggins earned his B.A. in Biology/Chemistry from Southern Adventist University. His studies in the field of nutritional science, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine lead to a Doctorate in Science in 1971, a Doctorate in Naturopathic and a Doctorate in

Homeopathic Medicine in 1981 from Hahnemann Memorial Institute of Health Sciences. Dr. Huggins has also completed advanced studies in naturopathic medicine and the NAET Allergy Elimination Program with certification.

kristinetKristine Thomas
(Head Wellness Chef)
Kristine Thomas is a speaker, author, and innovative chef living in beautiful Orlando, Florida.
She is Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Welli, which stands for Wellness Innovation, a business focused on educating and coaching organizations and individuals about the importance of good nutrition and lifestyle choices.
“Who says healthy food can’t also be delicious? I want to show people how they can enjoy good health and good food, too. I’m on a mission to make your favorite foods deliciously healthy!”
With so many of today’s health issues stemming from poor ingredients, Kristine’s expertise provides a fun and innovative twist on healthy whole foods. Her philosophy on nutrition and wellness focuses on clean cooking, avoiding added sugars, glutens, and many animal-based  products.
Kristine combines her passion for food and fitness and shares her innovative approach via her website, special appearances, cooking demonstrations and instructional videos.

Keep an eye out for Kristine as she cooks up fun and inspires audiences throughout the country and around the globe.
Booking Information:
ORL Food Lab

Linkedin: Kristine Thomas

Blake headshotBlake Hogshead , Greenhouse Growing Expert, Permaculture Design, Ag Systems Designer, Farm Consultant to
Sustainable Synergy™ is a fourth generation farmer whose family owns the longest operating nursery in the state of Florida. He maintains so much knowledge of the art and science that is agriculture. Blake is earning his degree in Horticulture from Valencia College, where he is learning the finer points of his trade.

Blake is currently working with the Bahamian Ministry of Agriculture to implement his systems. Further, his relationship with Sysco has paved the way for international trade of organic produce, produced through our systems, by his clientele in both the Bahamas and United States.

Currently, Blake and his wife, Ashley, are experimenting and developing innovative, integrative organic farming templates that are easier to use and are less expensive than current farming practices. His system is currently under a controlled study at Valencia College under the Director of Horticulture, Dr. Javier Garces. Patent-pending for this product is fully under way. With this new farm technology, he has increased yields, efficiency, productivity, and economic returns. This integrated system reduces water consumption by over 95%, eliminated water and fertilizer runoff / waste, mitigated most weed issues, and can successfully grow organic food almost anywhere in the world.

Blake’s research greenhouses house various types of inexpensive, automated grow systems that will enhance seed productivity and protection, while optimizing ease of transplant on farmers and plants. He will be cultivating varieties to optimize organic yields and natural defenses for future seed production, which will then be available to the public through their heirloom seed distribution system. Seed2Source is the distributor of these seeds.