JG-ProfileJaime Giroux (Operations) Founder; Managing Partner, Sustainable Synergy™, Inc., One Tribe Wellness™, LL

Jaime Giroux has lived a lifestyle of health and wellness alongside Jennifer Loyd, her best friend since age 11. Together, they tried many diets, cleanses and natural beauty products, thus educating themselves along the way and learning to distinguish ‘fad’ from ‘healing’.She has been a self-starter and entrepreneur since graduating high school. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to begin her business in the salon industry when she was only 17.

Being involved in the beauty industry spawned a natural progression into the health and wellness sector – drawing on the connection of beauty from the inside out’. Realizing that “we are what we eat”, Ms. Giroux developed an insatiable thirst for nutritional knowledge, studying and reading everything she could find on the subject, always searching for ways to improve our diet and improve our health, hence enhancing one’s natural beauty.

Through this quest, she eventually abandoned the theories for superficial beauty upon realizing that ‘true’ beauty is depicted as a healthy individual, free of physical, emotional and spiritual toxins in one’s life. This passion led her to not only become a nutritional advocate, but also a Certified Nutritional Consultant.Today, her strong knowledge of nutrition’s role in the body is an integral part of the OTW mission and standards.In addition to her health & wellness background, Ms. Giroux’s multi-disciplined qualities have brought her advanced Market Research, Operations and Financial Analysis to the Sustainable Synergy team.

She is the team’s client support and works individually with each formulator and/or developer to ensure that product development flourishes, while sales and marketing continue to operate efficiently. She supports Executive Management with corporate growth initiatives including, but not limited to: strategic planning and partnerships; marketing and product development; and trend analysis while integrating sustainability and green practices into corporate business models, products/service offerings, and media communications.

Of note, in 2008, Ms. Giroux was an integral part of the Sustainable Synergy team that produced and promoted the largest green living and sustainable business expo in the Southeast, the Green Earth Expo, which was held at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, FL.An artist since she could hold a paintbrush, Ms. Giroux also lends creative branding support to both Sustainable Synergy and its clients and affiliates.

She is also called upon as the in-house IT expert, which she also extends to others in need. At present, she is devoted to the expansion of the EssenceSea product line developed by one of the team’s beloved clients, Dr. Ron Cusson.

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