Jennifer Waxman-Loyd


Jennifer Waxman-Loyd, MBA
(New Business and Innovation)
Founder; Managing PartnerSustainable Synergy™, Inc., One Tribe Wellness™, LLC,
Founder of Seed2Source
Jennifer Waxman-Loyd coined the phrase, ‘Conscious Consultants, We Live It!’, to express that she doesn’t just talk-the-talk, but walks-the-walk – a reflection of growing up with strong, matriarchal, family values that began with her grandmother. There are still fond memories of her grandmother refusing to own a microwave, eating nothing out of a can and having her dairy delivered straight to her doorstep from a local farm. Other memories include being embarrassed as a kid when her mother hung all their clothes – even the sensitive ones – on a clothes line for all to see; served healthy snacks that none of her friends wanted; and was committed to turning off every light when she left a room. But, she came to realize how fortunate her upbringing was, which was certainly not ‘typical’ in her generation at this time as she was born in 1976.

Her extra-ordinary upbringing included a major influence from her mom whom would make many of her clothes and accessories, bring her to U-Pick farms for produce, encourage her to tend to the backyard garden and challenge her to create meals from the mason jar bounty of canned produce her mother created so that the family had convenient, local, hand-picked, whole foods.

Jennifer Waxman-Loyd is responsible for Strategy, Marketing & New Business Development and has been a strategic business planner for over 15 years and is the Founder of Sustainable Synergy, Inc. / Seed-2-Source. She entered the Eco-Sustainable industry in 2000 as a marketing specialist for an innovative project focusing on a sustainable, commercial, hydroponic watering system. This led her to become a Global Marketing Manager for Antelco Corporation, an international manufacturer specializing in water conservation technology for agriculture and horticulture. During this time, Jennifer was responsible for new product development for the hydroponics division as well as assisting growers in both the field and the greenhouse to create new and advanced products and systems. This experience has been leveraged by her understanding of the entire process for developing natural products from the growing of the botanical plant ingredients, to the sustainable processing and manufacturing of these finished products.

Jennifer has consistently led large, strategic consulting projects focused on sustainable agricultural and food-centric business models – from the ‘Seed to the Source’. She has been at the forefront of the Local Food Movement and is currently the Project Lead for the Central FL YMCA’s Edible Garden Program (27 YMCA locations). She continues to participate in new product development for sustainable agriculture equipment, systems and supplies with Antelco Corporation as well as direct distribution of these products to the Central FL community marketplace.

As the grassroots producer of the “2008 Green Earth Expo”, she introduced the concept of ‘sustainability’ to Central FL. This Expo was the first of its kind in the Southeast and was held at the Orange County Convention Center, of which attracted 150+ Sustainability Leaders / Speakers, 350+ Exhibitors and 50k+ attendees.

Jennifer holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. She graduated with honors and earned both a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Merchandising from Florida State University. Mrs. Loyd was able to leverage her experience at Crummer to land a paid, 1-year, Marketing Internship position with Disney World®, Orlando, FL that focused on branded Merchandising. She was involved in two business-oriented, study abroad programs in France, the United Kingdom and Germany that focused on the International Business Development.

Jennifer has been published in several magazines including the nationally distributed Extraordinary Health Magazine and has appeared as a guest speaker on local television, radio, podcasts and events relating to green living and/or sustainable business. She sits on several boards including Slow Food Orlando, an international movement dedicated to food sustainability. Further, she served as a Marketing Professor for two years at the Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Business. In 2010 she was nominated for the 2010 Women Who Means Business Award by her clients, network and the Orlando Business Journal.

(*Many online publications and media references can be found under the maiden name, Jennifer Waxman.)

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