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$290 billion and ‘GROWING”….


The days of a disposable society are limited. While our culture has traditionally built, raised, and rebuilt, we have reached a point where this is no longer practical- due to the depletion of non-renewable resources and simple economics. It is unquestioned that our resources are limited, whether that be water, clean air, oil, land, and fresh foods. What is questioned is length of time that the current treatment of these resources will or can continue.

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, and was officially observed by California and North Carolina, as well as a few cities. But it was by no means a mainstream event. By Earth Day’s 20th anniversary, its notoriety had grown from underground recognition to a widely celebrated occasion. The result is more than a cult following. In fact, progressive companies can capitalize on the growth in what is now called the LOHAS market.

LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. In short, it is a market segment that seeks products promoting sustainable practices to ensure health and wellness. This goes beyond the traditional commercial labels of “Organic” or “Environmentally-Friendly”, but down to the root sustenance that defines a product or service. Additionally, these consumers seek sustainable solutions for their healthy lifestyles, such as replenish-able organic food sources or recycled water for vegetation. If this sounds like a niche market, then it is a niche market that generated $290 billion in sales within the U.S. alone during 2010. The LOHAS marketplace within the US totals approximately 50 million+ consumers. Green markets are more focused on the environment rather than the individual. But again, there is a sizable consumer base that either seeks out, or uses the “Green” label as a deciding factor.

How Does Sustainable Synergy fit in?

Sustainable Synergy specializes in LOHAS markets. Sustainable Synergy works with businesses already serving LOHAS to grow and prosper, as well as helping established companies expand their market base to reach LOHAS buyers. The founders are certainly members of these markets, and seek to promote those companies that benefit healthy lifestyles and cleaner environments. We have access to this large and still-growing market that otherwise may be ignored.