39d1539Nikole Beth, Design Direction, Planning and Implementation Consultant to Sustainable Synergy™ brings over fifteen years of professional design experience in Conceptual Design, Planning, Commercial Interiors, and Landscape Design with a focus on environmental, sustainable design.

Her clients have included Private developers, Wells Fargo, Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast, Louisville International Airport, Lighthouse Creative, Inc., and Orlando International Airport’s Retail Concept (now implemented). Most recently, she completed the design of a 7-acre botanical permaculture garden and event space (currently in construction) and a Sustainable Resort Model in Central America (completed) .

Her company is currently implementing their Custom Greenhouse Components that integrate into these gardens. Her skill sets provides clients unique and customs models from idea to fruition. Nikole is the founder and Lead Designer of Eco Huset, a collaborative group of professional designers, vision planners, architects, engineers, landscape architects, industrial designers, craftsman, furniture designers and material researchers based out of Orlando.

Eco Huset’s mantra is ‘Environmental Modernism’ and their consulting philosophy is focused on Passive designs, which take into account the terrain, the ecosystems currently or not currently in place. The solution results in a breathable construction system, a low energy baseline by design and a commitment by the client to incorporate certain changes in their typical lifestyle and a commitment to this process.