39d7b69Rebecca Reis-Miller
(Operations and Logistics)
Consultant to Sustainable Synergy

Rebecca Reis-Miller is a local food consultant to Sustainable Synergy and has over a decade of experience in the food industry. Her roles within the industry are diverse including food advocacy and education demonstrated through her leadership at (1) Slow Food Orlando and other food sustainability organizations; (2) Local food distribution and agricultural consultation through her previous company, Growing Synergy; and as a (3) Restaurateur through her former company, Lake Nona Deli & Market, of which she owned with her husband for nearly five years.

Mrs. Miller has an extensive background in public relations and community building. She has consulted and served in several Executive Management positions with health and wellness companies as a former Managing Partner for Sustainable Synergy. Her specialized services included: Business Planning, Proposal Writing, Research and Development, Marketing, Public Relations, and Brand Development.

Mrs. Miller believes in the importance of preserving food culture and traditions, defending biological diversity of food, and the overall impact that food ultimately has on the health of the planet. She was the co-founder and Leader of the Orlando Chapter of Slow Food USA, and had the privilege of attending the international food sustainability conference, Terra Madre, in Turin, Italy. She has served as an (1) Advisor for Osceola County Grown, a grassroots local food movement in Osceola County Florida; an (2) Assistant for the Florida Food Policy Council; and as a (3) Stakeholder within the planning committee for the Florida Small Farms Conference. Mrs. Miller graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Public Administration. She has also appeared as a guest speaker on local television, radio and community events relating to green living and/or sustainable business models. Further, she has been published in numerous publications on topics including the local food scene as well as sustainable business practices. She resides in Las Vegas with her husband Charles and two sons.

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