I decided that I wanted to “spice” up my kitchen over the weekend with a herb garden of my own. Since I am notorious for bringing upon the premature demise of nearly every house plant I have ever owned (even a cactus isn’t safe around me), I didn’t want to invest too much money in the project. So after a trip to Ikea and a local nursery, I crafted this little jewel for under $60.




Meet my new residents:

Rosie  (Rosemary)
Coco (Chocolate Mint)
Cal (Spicy Oregano)
Dillard (Fernleaf Dill)
Mr. Chow (Thai Basil)
Curly (Cilantro)

Items purchased from Ikea:

  • Grundtal S-hooks ~$2.99 / 5 pack
  • Ore Shower curtain rod, white ~$7.99
  • Fintorp Cutlery Caddy ~$3.99 each

(Spray paint to match if you want. I opted not to paint mine because I liked the galvanized look of the pots.)

Now lets just hope I can keep my new friends alive and plentiful. 🙂

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